Love With Benefits (She loves me…Doesn’t she? Yes of course, she does! Really

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Episode 5

All my calls either went unattended or were received by other members of her family, but never her. Her number soon was deactivated. It was over a month I had spoken to her. Something was not right…I could feel it…but what? Could never understand…I had one and only option, I picked the phone and dialed a number….

The ring of her phone woke the new bride from her afternoon nap… “Sam Calling”. His call always brought smile to her. “Hello!”

“Hello di, how are you?”

“I am good, how are you…and where are you these days?”

“Yes didi it has really been long, are you still in the same place?”

“Well!! We live in the locality…two blocks away from the previous one.”

“We?” I wanted her to say “Me and Priya.”

“I got married…Me and Vikram Last month…so that becomes us.”

“Oh! Wow! Congratulations didi.”

“Why don’t you come over for dinner tonight?”

I accepted the invitation.

It was a dinner for Vikram’s Roommates; they were the same faces that I had met on her birthday. I walked to where Rashi was busy arranging the dinner table.

“Di how is you and Priya related?”

“We are cousins.”

“You guys came to Delhi together?”

“No, I was not aware that she was here too…unless I got a call from her saying she wants to stay with me. I said, fine…and arranged for a room in my hostel…after few months she said let’s get a room and stay there…I was ok with it so we took a room on the same block where vikram lived. You know how Delhi is? So we shifted.” She answered me while arranging the plates, wiping and placing them on the table.

“Why is everything ok Sam?” suddenly she asked frowning her brows.

“I am completely confused didi…I really don’t understand what this girl is up to…” she snapped … “take a seat sam and then tell me.”

“Didi, who is Pratap?”

“He is Priya’s Boyfriend.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course, they are dating since their college days. Why?”

“And they are still going around?”


“How can you say so confidently? I mean…”

“He still calls me…he sounded normal and yes he did ask about you…I said you and Priya are friends..That’s it.”

“No didi, our relation is much more than friends…Did he take the number from you?”

“Why would I give him your number…and he didn’t even ask your number.”

“And listen Sam…she was completely out of touch since the day she left…I guess she changed her number too…I never knew that there was something cooking between you two. I mean I thought Rafiq was interested in her….there were other guys who used to drop her home…one named Nitin ..One was from Meghalaya…I don’t remember his name….All were introduced to me as her friends…so I thought them to be…”

sturred soul.jpeg

Coming this from her sister left me with doubts on our relation and some soul stirring questions unanswered,  “Who am I? What am I?”

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