Are you sure, you can shoot a goal?

Happiness, contentment, and success are what most of us expect from life. But has it really met those expectations?

We all know life doesn’t give away things so easy; neither does it go as per our plan. So it is we who have to strive our way through and snatch it for ourselves.

I am pretty sure everybody has a dream; we all have that something we want to achieve. Don’t we?

Life is all about goals and dreams if we have one we have a reason to live for.

A goal doesn’t always have to be big ones; it could be anything, maybe to improve your cooking skills OR make yourself get in the habit of reading, OR be able to get out of the bed every morning without hitting the snooze button. Anything that we want to achieve in our life is a goal.

Why do we need a goal at all??

Well, I would say why should not we have a goal in life?

It does not just give us something to get started with and a destination to land on. But also gives a direction to follow.

A goal, like a compass, helps us know where actually we are heading in life.

Have you ever taken a pause just to think about what do you really want in life?

Have you ever asked yourself this? ‘Am I already there where I have always wanted to be?’

These are the question that helps us hear our inner voice, helps us intervene with self.

First, we need to find out what is that one thing we are passionate about, that one thing we wouldn’t mind doing all our life. Find that one thing we could go to any extent get it.

If we have got the answer to these, we got a goal for ourselves.

Having a goal in life works wonders for sure!!

If you go by what Tony Robbins says; setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible…

It can actually help us know our worth, contributing to our overall development. How??

A goal defines our priority; giving us a reason to work hard for. And hard work always demands unshakeable determination, undistracted focus, strong will power, and our confidence in us. And as we walk the journey to our destination we are working on all these necessary elements leading us to success.

Achieving anything isn’t easy at all.  Right from that first step, to the failures or even more, the series of failures we might face, breaks us down. It is determination, Focus will power, self-confidence and patience…that will help us get up and get back to action. Starting with determination lets discuss individually the contribution of every element us to get to the goal. My next post on Determination.

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