Fragile confidence? Let’s deal with it!

To be able to accept and love yourself the way you are is confidence. To know what you are good at and to follow that path holding your head high is confidence. To be able to believe in your own decisions and stick to it no matter what, this is confidence.

The belief that you have in yourself and to know that you can accomplish what you have aimed for, is confidence.

When we talk about confidence, the thought that follows next is:

Is everyone born confident?

No, this is not something everybody is gifted with.

But we have often seen some of the not so confident child growing into a confident adult.

This shows it is not something that is out of our reach. We can get it if we want it.

How do we get that belief in ourselves is the question here?

Fear is something that always holds you back from taking that first step. The fear of the unknown consequences stops you from initiation that crucial step.

The day you conquer over this fear of yours, you are a step closer to getting that confidence.

So it is this, you need to deal with first.

Let’s understand what do you fear the most?

Is it failure?

 Or is it the society’s reaction?

 Or the Rejections you might be made to face?

 Or is it the lack of appreciation?

Be it either one of these or all of the above the reason behind your hesitation. The first step towards getting that confidence is to eliminate these thoughts from your mind.

Clear that unreasonable cluster, those irrational thoughts that keep attacking your mind.

Remember He or She is successful not because of his looks or she is smart nor because they have their luck by their side, but because they always stood by their decision, no matter what.

Like what  Joe Montana has said  “Confidence is a very fragile thing.” it is not easy to always carry it with us. Every now and then we are tested by time, it is completely upon us how we overcome these tests and regain that belief.

Let’s build up that confidence in us…

Brain work out…. Reading. As it is said Knowledge is power. The more you read the more you become knowledgeable. The more knowledge boosts our confidence up.

Physical work out….A fit body is always a confident mind. The word fit doesn’t go by the people’s perspective. Whether you have excessive layers or just bones and skin if you are comfortable in it, you are fit. But a little exercise helps you get the time for yourself, know yourself and rejuvenate the fading confidence in you.

Fight the fears out of you….

Fear of society.

Not being able to fit into the set concept of the people around can actually drain out the confidence in you. If you don’t want to fall into the frameset by someone else, you need to have a dream of your own. Have a goal to accomplish, because having something to work hard for really helps in getting the confidence in life.

Fear of failure.

You had a dream, you decided to walk to it, but you failed the very first time, and then you give up. If failure were the end of the world, we would have never had the privilege to enjoy Einstein and Edison’s invention.

 Let’s change the perspective here, let’s take failure as a lesson on how not to do the next time you are made to face the same circumstances.

The worse is, you have a dream but the fear of unknown consequences didn’t let you try at all. At a later age, you will regret this decision of yours.

Fear of getting rejected.

If J.K Rowling had given up on first rejection, Harry Potter would never have happened. Understand rejection is a part of success.

Failure, rejections, and criticism, if taken as an opportunity to improve, will actually help you grow not only your confidence but also your skill.

Remember what George Herbert has said, “Skill and confidence are an unconquered army.”

Prolonged wait for the outcome.

It is not just for us to expect the outcome tomorrow if you initiate something today. Getting that confidence can never happen overnight.  No one knows how long the wait is going to be.  And this long wait could leave you frustrated.

Be ready to wait. Your patience is the only way to make the wait possible. If you instill patience right for the beginning, the wait is worth it…

Lack of appreciation.

Getaway with the habit of seeking for appreciation in everything you do. Not everybody’s opinion will ever match the answer you expect. And this is where you get a little shaky about your action.   

It is better to work hard until you get the result you want than wait for someone else’s appreciation.

 Here, the line by Stan Smith goes well, “Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it.”

Build up that inner confidence and watch the miracle happen. It adds new excitement in your life-transforming it completely from what it was earlier. It gives you the strength not just to face but also to overcome any situations that come to you.

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