Patience; a task not easy to engineer.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Lao Tzu here tells us how everything around us is teaching patience.

We would take it from nature; if it was that easy!!! We all know that to wait is task not that easy to engineer because patience is not all just about the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

To wait frustrated, honking while stuck in the traffic is something we see or even have carried it out in public. Or to yell at your child for creating the mess with paint all over, while he is there putting his creative mind at work. This is not true perseverance.

Patience is always silent, something that works hidden. Like that mother putting her child to sleep. Or those fathers, helping his little girl get the solution to her math problem for the fifth time in a row. It is something unseen and unnoticed. This quality of forbearance is true patience.

Not everybody is born with this, but neither is it unachievable!!!

So here is how we get that Patience in us!!!

Get into the habit of Redoing things to address the weakness in us.




Re-read yourself

Life is full of obstacles, hurdles, and situations that can really test our limits. This is when we can re-read ourselves and understand what is that point when we lose our cool?

Is it because you are in the hurry to reach home early and here you are struggling with your patience in the middle of the traffic. Or is it your inability to tolerate the mess made you yell at your son, which is actually curbing your son’s creativity? Such questions help you confront the reason causing that restlessness in you.

Let’s reframe the situation

Now re-frame the same situation, and think that the traffic is not on halt just for you, and your child is not messing the house to annoy you. Everyone around you is made to undergo such circumstances, and yet it is only you acting that way.

Re construct it a better way in future

Now that you have recognized the reason for your aggression, you can stop yourself from losing it again if you ever fall in the same situation in the future. Not just for once but every time you come across such state of affairs any time in future.

Here Keeping a Journal could help you re-read yourself and take the necessary action.

Your daily routine can help you get the patience!!

In the hurry to achieve something we tend to neglect our daily household chore. Learning starts from here. Teach yourself to get those things done first, the way you have been doing them regularly.

You cannot win patience overnight. The practice is what helps you gain it. It is almost like getting that fit body, needs regular work out, doesn’t it? so does patience!!

Counting from 10 to 1 helps too!!

We all have learned back counting in our kindergartens, put that learning to use here. If something triggers you, start counting from ten to one taking deep breaths. The inhalations will give your mind enough supply of oxygen and time for your mind to relax and think over your actions.

Slow down

When you get panicky with things not going the way it should be, stop right there.  Slow down!!

Go for a walk, meet friends, and take a break. That gives you time to think over the matter with a different perspective. And this can help in speeding up the progress.

How does having patience help us?

We have always heard this saying “best comes to those who wait.”

You can actually see yourself being transformed with just that patience being instilled into you.

It keeps you away from stress!!

We know anger never favors in any one’s growth. It rather destroys our inner peace.  With patience, we can take control over our minds giving us better ways to deal with situations.

A healthy mind comes up with better decisions!!

You will be able to evaluate things better with a bigger view of the picture with that clear mind. The result is a reduction in mistakes and also improvement in your decision-making ability.

You can hit the goal for sure

Achieving anything great is worth waiting for. If you have that patience to wait for the result, without exhibiting frustration and losing the cool, you can see your target clear and within your reach.

It helps you get a better Personality.

Patience makes you compassionate, and a better person with a better understanding. This quality actually helps in improving the family and social relationships.

It is your perseverance that is going to help you get that you had aimed for. Keep on trying with all the zeal, determination and focus you once had started with, you will see the magic happening with time.

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