I am a Con Man.

What you see is not me,
What I am, you can never see.
Your penetrating gaze will never get
a slightest glimpse of the real me.

Those judgmental looks
That has been judging me for
who I am not,
will never get to know me. Ever!

The Smile! Oh, my deluding smile.
I warn you!
They silently shroud
the dead me within.

My quiet and silent lips
They have sealed
hundreds and thousands
of unuttered words.

But, my eyes! Oh, my deceiving Eyes.
with years of conning and hours of training, are the ones who fail me often.

They fail me when they swell up,
unable to hold the pretend
of my burdened chest.

When they are caught staring
at empty space even
in a crowded place.

When they are forced to unsee the things
pricking my soul that hurts to my core.

A Con Man I am!

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