What would I be?

If I was what I am not
what would I be?

Would I be what I thought
I would be?

Or Would I be what I never thought
I would be?

Would our paths have ever crossed?
Or would we have never known each other?

Would I be here at all?
If not, where would I be?

Would life treat me the same
as it has been?
Or would it meet my expectations?

Would I ever be writing this?
Or would I be the one reading it?
OR, would I have had skipped it altogether?

What would I be if I was never been born as me?

Would I have been that bird
soaring high up in the sky?

Would I have been
a garden flower blooming at its best?

Or would I have been
that dog in the street wagging for some feed?

Would I have been be that happy little girl
in the pretty red dress across the street?
Or would I have been
that cranky boy nagging for a toy?

Would I have been this?
Would I have been that?

Well! Whatever I would have been
I would have been me.

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