If you see yourself through me,
What you see will amaze you.

You are the next.
You are the tomorrow.
You are a glimpse of the future.

The growing future
The glowing future.
You are the imminent
Beyond these walls awaits a world
For you to bend it, fix it, and shape it. Mold it into the ideal place we all have dreamt of.

Because you, my dear, are the hope, the dream. So dream big, dream high.
Go for the limitless sky
Set your own limits.

It’s only then you will know how wide your wings can spread.
How high you can soar.

Fill this world with the color of your choice dear.
Scribble your ideas into the blank pages of tomorrow.
Pour down those stories, let the world know what you got to say.
Give your own twist to the dish served before you.
Tap your feet to the tune life plays for you.

And when you do so,
Don’t ever forget to be you.
The You, I see now.


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