Let’s keep it simple.

Why so confused?
What is it that you want from me?

Can you not just listen to me for once!
at least for once follow my plan?

I mean, do you really have to take
such nasty turns, throwing me off the bar
making me bleed.
Giving me all those cuts and bruises,
that never seem to heal.
And you expect me not to cry?

Oh, come on. I am no Robot!!

I have a heart, and it not just pumps blood
but also ached when broken.
And all thanks to you, it is coma right now
with no hope of revival.

Now they call me heartless…

Why are you so uncertain dear?

Why can’t you just give me what is mine?

All my life what I have been claiming to be mine
never actually belonged to me.
The heart I thought I owned,
had never ever throbbed for me.

It took me time, time to sink in this fact.
But, don’t you think it’s too late?

Why do you have to complicate things?
while we can keep it simple?
All you need to do is,
don’t give me what is never meant to be mine.
And, if you ever choose something for me,
don’t take it back.

See, it’s that easy…

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