The mother cried when a girl was born.

It is a girl!
un-blanketing the little bundle,
her gender was revealed.
Tears brimmed as she whimpered
 A girl it is.

Some believed those were the tears of joy.
Many said she cried as she failed to birth
an heir to the lineage.

But no one knew what those tears were for.

The opinionated ones blurted their minds,
How can she be so mean?
Isn’t she a woman too?

Yet, she kept mum!

Yes, she was a woman.
And she very well knew
what it was to be a woman.

She cried not because a girl was born,
Nor did she cry because
She could not born the heir to their lineage.

She cried because
She knew she had brought one more soul
to this world to be crushed.

She knew She had born
One more toy to be played with.
She had born
One more soul  to be manipulated
in the name of love.

One more soul was here
to be looked down upon
for being born a woman.

She cried because
she knew she had brought one more soul
to this earth, where her choices, her likes,
her desires, her wish,
her happiness, her dreams,
her tears never mattered.

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