Droplet of strength

No paper is strong enough to withhold those agonizing lines
Nor can any amount of ink be enough to scribble them down

No words can express her woes
No ears can hear them all
Not a heart there is strong enough to withstand her anguish.
No hands are built yet to grab her fall.

It was, but those tiny droplets
rolling down, unseen, unheard,
tickled and vanished unnoticed.
Droplets, which her eyes could not
held from spilling.

Tumbling down, it went
flushing out all her fears and agonies
her anxieties and sufferings.
Giving a way to strength.

Emboldened, she stood afresh,
ready to face everything all over again.
Again, with a curved lip, willing to be
alienated, humiliated, and devasted.

Till the night, she would drop down, defeated.
Her swollen heart, her welled eyes all set to cascade
and drown her in the undefinable ache: only to
revive her strength to fight back her afflictions.

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