But, I didn’t stop

Walking through the clouds,
The clouds of solitude
Which often haunted me,
But, i didn’t stop

That stare….
Those judgemental stares…
Pierced through my confidence…
And always taunted me…
But I didn’t stop.

The hurdles, those obstacles
Rutted my way, but
My dream kept me going…
It was this dream that kept me alive.
No, I didn’t stop.

The hesitant me often yelled,
Will I be able to do it?
Is this worth the try?
Such questions often pried my go,
But, I did not stop.

Now, I am never to stop
Until my thirst is quenched.
My chase is never to stop.
I know this crave for my dreams
Are way stronger than
Those piercing stares
Those haunting fears,
Those grilling self-doubts.

But I will never stop.

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