That Sunday…

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NO, you are not going to call her!!!

The brain yelled back stern enough, shunning the idea heart had come up with.

Heart: no harm in calling and finding out once.

Brain again: that’s unethical… especially when Anita isn’t in the town.

Heart: so what? Just a friendly coffee isn’t doing any harm.

Head: It would be harmless if that ‘someone’ wasn’t your ex-wife.

Heart: what is the harm in just catching up with each other’s life?

Head: don’t forget, she has a family and I don’t think her husband is out on a trip like Anita.

Meddled between the tussle of his brain and heart Jeet sat there staring at the name which had been added a few days back to the contact list. Before he realized his thumb accidentally hit the call button. ‘O no, no, no, no, no …..’ cursing himself for his carelessness, he hurriedly disconnected the call.  But the damage had been done. Soon the intense silence of the room was killed by the shrilling sound of his ringing mobile.

Ray calling…..

The name displayed on the screen made his heart rate elevate from higher to the highest beats per second. He knew even the infinite number of long breathings wouldn’t help calm his pounding heart.

After the third heavy exhales “Hello!” trying his best to sound normal.

“Hello!” replied a nervous voice, followed by a brief silence, as if trying to figure out who the caller was. “Jeet it’s you?” with a gush of relief she uttered.

‘Wow! Impressive, she figured out in just a single hello.’ ecstatic on this thought, his smile broadened.

“I was wondering who’s number it was. I am sorry I actually forgot to save it the last time we exchanged.”


The coffee he had been planning since the day they met was about to happen. Though things didn’t begin the way it should have been, he was happy it did get a start anyway.

He was there already, waiting for her to take the empty seat before him, the emotions rushing within him were above his reasoning head, but his heart was all ballet for its win.

That moment he was transferred into the fifteen-year-old Jeet, waiting for his crush to enter the coffee shop. It didn’t take long when he saw her coming. Her little hesitant eyes scanned every table in the room and a wave of a smile brushed her face as they fell on him.

“Hi!” tossing her bothering lock behind that shoulder she took the empty seat before him.

“Seems you had a tiring day?”

Little surprised at this unexpected, yet accurate question she frowned a bit, with her smile still on.

“I mean, do you still do that with your hair, when you are tired?”

Her sight not willing to wander away from his face ‘no one knows me better jeet,’ But those eyes staring back at her with the same intensity forced her to look away.

Trying to lighten the moment she continued “So what else do you remember?”

He spoke in his humorless voice “A lot of things.”

Instantly she looked into his eyes again, and this time she was trying to decipher the mysterious stare they had ‘what does he mean?’

“So, how are things with you?” in her attempt to cast aside the awkward past, and divert the talk back to present, she posed a question.

“How is your business?”

He nodded to it, he too was struggling with pushing back his past thoughts.  “yesssss,” he whispered with a heavy breath. “The business is going well.” That was all he could say and awkward silence crept in between, but Jeet let it last long “what would you like to have?”

“A strong cup of coffee.” Her prompt reply made it evident how badly she needed that beverage.

The order was taken, the silence was back again…It was Jeet again who started the talk.

 “What brought you back here? I mean you had left this place right after….” ‘what are you doing Jeet?’   cursing himself for his unmindful words, he instantly regretted saying them. With his eyes shut he inhaled a heave of breath from between his clenched teeth.  He regretted when his eyes opened to Rachael staring blankly at her half-finished cup.

Her Memory was forced back to twenty years ago.

‘Come on Racheal, don’t be a spoilsport! It is a fabulous place to miss. I have booked a table there will have a great time with all friends.”

She, on the other hand, had a dream to chase, rather than chasing the party venues.

“Jeet, you know I have work today, I have to get it done anyhow. I cannot ask for any more time now”

“Not submitting one project on time will not harm, you have always been a good employee.”

She was adamant to her decision “ No Jeet, I don’t want to lose my  job.”

“How does it matter even if you do? I earn good enough; there will not be much problem with the bills, I can handle them easily.”

With the sip from her cup, she gulped down the lump of past down her throat. And spoke with a forced smile “Yes, it was my husband’s transfer that brought us here three months back.”

 “What about you? Tell me more about your wife, kids…”

All this while he was quiet, fearing to speak another word, but Rachael’s sudden mention of his family reminded him that he was a married man. ‘Anita…’ he had a wife now and for a moment he bemoaned for it not being the lady before him. ‘

. “Yes, I am married to Anita, just a year ago.” It was him faking a smile this time.

“Congratulation!!” ‘Why so late’ she thought but discarded the idea of asking him.

He nodded with his smile fading.  As he had the answer to why the marriage happened late or why did it happen at all?….

(Will he be able to express his feelings to his ex-wife? know it here

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