Love With Benefit (Mesmerizing Smile)

Episode 1

“Yes sir what do you want?” The lady wearing saree behind the counter came to me; it was after five minutes I was finally attended to… That moment I wished I had not listened to my friend few time back.

“Hey! Sam, why don’t you come with me?”

“What will I do there…watch you having fun with your girl?”

Laughing out loud Rafiq replied “you could have fun with her sister.” Throwing away the hairbrush on the bed he jumped close to me “You should see her she too is hot yaar…I wish I could have them both…but mine is hotter.”

“Listen I have other important works in life than girl hunting…I am not a desperate like you.” Tired of his roommate’s addiction for girls and his attempt to hook me up too with other girls, I sat on my desk with my laptop.

He seemed to have made up his mind this time…slammed shut the laptop and kept it aside “You are coming with me this time. I don’t want no for an answer…be a man…” Expecting yes he stared at me, but the answer was still no from me.

“Fine you could at least give me accompany, keep her sister engaged so that I will get some alone time with my girl…”

“OK, Fine” with sigh I agreed.

Rubbing his palms after a loud clap Rafiq “Let’s have fun…”

“Its third floor, you get a packet from chemist…better get two…you might need it.”


“Go get it …”with his eyes wide and a wicked smile he pointed his thumb to the Chemist opposite the road.

Irritated I replied “I know what you mean.”

My pocked buzzed; it was my phone… moving a little away from the counter I answered “Hello! Ya I am coming…there is a rush at the chemist…”. It was rafiq calling me but before he could complete his say i disconnected.

“Yes give me a packet of Protection.” I went to the male attendant, ‘Thank god, my phone buzzed at the right time…’ I was relieved that the lady was gone now, I couldn’t imagine asking for a condom from her.


I saw her…Green Skirt and white tees…long and curly hair …leaning on the wall…her smiles blew my mind away…entire surrounding went blur for an instance…all that was visible was her smile.

“Sam…Sam” Rafiq’s call forced me notice  the house filled with people…Men specifically. “Meet Sam My friend, and this is Priya.” Rafiq did the formal introduction. “Hi” We shook hands…her smile were mesmerizing and her touch was tantalizing. “It seems some sort of celebration is going on, anything special?” I asked peeking in the house through the open door. With the same smile she replied “Yes it is my sister’s birthday. And her boyfriend and his friend are here to surprise her.” Rafiq’s disappointment was visible as the protection packet had no chance of coming out of my pocket; his plan had to be postponed………….

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