Love with Benefit (The mid night call!!)

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Episode 4:


Neither I proposed nor she; our relationship grew with time and in six months I was going home to drop her …to her parents. We had night halt in Kolkata…next evening we had a train to Guwahati…her home town. But the morning on the day we had to leave, the bell of our hotel room rang…It was answered by Priya… “It must me housekeeping,” I thought, but even after five minutes the voice has was not gone..…I turned off the shower hoping to hear and find out who the visitor was, all I could hear was Priya saying “…Taap” once and everything went silent. I hurriedly wrapped myself with the towel and got out…Both Priya and the doorbell guy was not there…I went to the lobby where I saw her hurrying up the stairs… The nervous look and smile did raise a doubt but she walked in without a word. “Who was here?” I asked…

She replied “No! it was a house keeping staff,  he had some issues with our checking out timing, so I had gone to see the manager, now all sorted out…she smiled and got back to bed…” she noticed her answer was not satisfying with her answer, she was quick enough to change the topic, “shall we order breakfast? I am starving”… I nodded yes to it….still thinking “What is going on?”

The door bell guy and the “Tap” remained unsolved….until…..

I was with her parents…She introduced me as a “friend who is here to see Guwahati” This introduction did startled me a bit…on confronting, her answer “ how can I bring a guy home and say he is my boyfriend straight away…give them some time…will definitely tell them…have patience baby… now shh! don’t sit too close remember we are just friends remember…” She shifted to the next couch with a wink. I was with no option than to believe her. I left after three days…still a friend of her to her parents…

Back home a call in that weird hour of the night left me sleepless.


The person from the other end “Is this Sam?”

I replied “yes, who is this?”

“Yes you better know who I am…”

“What ….”I was not allowed to complete…

“Listen you stay away from Priya…she is mine…We are together since five years…so you better keep yourself away from her.”

“Who are you and what nonsense is this?”

“ Well !! soon you will get a wedding invitation….Reading; Pratap weds Priya…”

I lay there tossing restlessly speculation on what just happened. I tried calling her but there was no response…I tried again and again…finally “Hello” tired and sleepy male voice received the call…It was her Dad… “Hello uncle…is Priya there?”

“Beta don’t you have the habit of looking at the time before dailing…she is sleeping…call her tomorrow.”

It was four hours back I had announced mom of our relation…she too sounded excited to meet priya…now this call from some……Tap’s ….

Taap!!!! this was the taap I heard Priya talking to that night…

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