Love with Benefits (I want to know nothing)

Episode 2:

My phone placed on the bar table rang… the name blinking on it took me by surprise, “Rashi di Calling.”

Searched a comparatively quieter corner and received it “Hello! Yes didi…No…I am with my office friends…no idea didi…Ya I will try and find out…yes di I will call you if I will get any news on her.” it was Priya’s sister. I hung up, the watch showed it was almost midnight and Priya was not home yet.

We were introduced by priya on that day, “Didi this is Rafiq and Sam, my friends and this is Rashi di…guys it’s her birthday today…”

That day I and her sister got along well, when Rafiq and priya were out for some privacy, may be on the terrace. I was introduced to every guests of her…she was the bhabhi of the crowd there as the men there shared the same room with her boyfriend Vikram, located just few blocks away.

I called her up next morning, that’s when the whole story was narrated by the upset sister. “Sam I hope you are not hiding thing from me?”

“No didi why would I? I know nothing about last night. I was not with her.”

“This girl will put me in some deep shit someday…she had left home at seven saying she will be back by nine…and it was almost eleven she didn’t come back… worried I called you.  I am sorry for that…the problem was she was not receiving my call…and that was worrisome for me.”

“Its ok di, you could call me anytime…what time did she come back by the way?”

“Half past twelve…some of her friend was taken to hospital due to some food poisoning which kept them this late…but she could at least receive my call.”

We hung up; Rafiq sitting next to me heard our conversation with a wicked smile spoke up “We are meeting up again next weekend.”

“Even if you do, make sure she reaches home on the promised time.”

He replied with a wink; the wicked smile still lingered on his face…..

“Was she with you last night?”

“Yes,” He replied. My stare and the look in my eyes gave him the hint what I wanted to know about last night. This brought back his wicked smile which was just pulled off “What else do you want to know?” Raising his brows he asked. “Nothing…”

I really didn’t want to know…NOTHING.

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