Love with Benefit (Best things happening to me!!!)

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Episode 6:

I entered the office every day hoping to see her seated before the screen, and every morning my heart ached not to find her there. I almost panicked thinking “Will I ever see her again?” and prayed for her to come back. Soon  my wish was to be granted. It was when I moved towards the canteen for a break, I saw her entering the HR room. She was busy searching for something in her purse…The same purse I had gifted her. After twenty minutes wait she was out and right before my eyes. Not knowing how to react…I stood there with folded hands… out of all the questions from my mind I chose to ask “Where were you?”

And she replied “O! Hi! How are you?” with a slight smile and raised brows and wide eyes. I missed her so much!!! I wanted to hold her in my arms…but the location did not allow me to.

“Priya, where were you?” I repeated.

“It’s a long story, can we sit and talk?”

We sat with our cups of coffee; sipping to it she spoke up “I know you have many questions, but the only answer I have is…” she took next sip and continued “some family problem held me back home for so long.” She placed the cup back to the table.

My Mind: “It’s a lie.”

Heart: “Why would she lie?”

I said “you could have called me; your number went out of service but my number was working???”

“My mobile was in the pool for more than an hour and when it was out nothing was working.”

Mind again: “Lying again”

My heart: “Why would she?”

My heart and mind was in conflict on every reason she gave me. Then came the question that was really eating up my peace.

“Pratap had called…” I went silent observing her expression. She was silent too but her expression said it all, I asked “What is going on between you two?”

She was aware of the call…I could read it in her eyes. “Even I am tired of him…we were dating earlier but I had called off the relationship long back…before leaving for Delhi. He is not willing to accept the fact. What am I to do?”

My heart did not give any space for my mind to come up with its views…I believed what she said. We were together again. And it was together we left for Bhopal, my home town to my mother after a week. Topic Pratap never sprouted between us again.


The best thing was happening to me…the best thing I had imagined of (which had turned hazy in between though.)They were in all giggles and laughs, going through my old pictures. My mom was re-living my childhood, as every flip displayed memories of past…And priya was excited to know the younger me. Mom looked at me with a smile of approval and that’s when I decided “This is the girl I am Marrying…..”

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