Love with Benefits (I believed her…We all Believed her…)

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Episode 8:

Yes marriage did happen and she was resplendent in her wedding gown. To watch her walk towards me down the aisle was my dreams come true.

I never knew what my dream carried…

I wish I had called Rafiq and not her for clarification that night before our wedding eight years back. I still remember how she has convinced me that she was innocent and had nothing to do with Rafiq and his allegation. But the question is would have I believed him then?

There were things I had turned blind eye to…Something was not going  the it was supposed to be.

Her parents did not turn up for wedding.

Neither my mom nor I questioned Priya on the absence on her Parents on their daughter’s big day. We were easily convinced with whatever reasons she had, though It was the prime gossip topic for the guest.

Her leaving home the very next day of our wedding with no proper explanations did raise a question in my and my mother’s mind.

Though she came back after a month and my mother was more than happy to see her back. Her return seemed the best thing that had happened to us (me and my mom) as she had a friend to talk to and I had my wife with me. In three months time she played her role perfectly. Until the day she revealed her plans…her future plans which were contradicting mine…

“what do you mean by You want to move to Australia?”

“But Sam I have always wanted to go there, I have my relatives there willing to sponsor us all we need is few documents and we all can fly there.”

“You never once before mentioned this to me…how come all of a sudden?”

“It was never all of a sudden I had this in my mind all the time…i wanted to disclose it only when everything was done…and now with few more documents to support we are ready to fly.”

“what about us Priya? You and me …?”

“We  will go there first and later get you and mom….” She replied with a smile…

“We?” I questioned frowning.

“Me and Prisha” (her baby sister.) It was for her sister’s incomplete document she needed my help…

She convinced me again…and She left…

Leaving behind hopes not only to me but also My mother who went against everyone to get us together, who even argued with few relatives who ever questioned on Priya’s casual attitude towards us. She waited for many years…for many years believed that she will come back…but she never returned.

Her calls went from twice a day to twice a week and to twice a month and finally no calls at all…my calls went to answering machines and never returned….

“Will be back after a year and we all will move there. Live happily ever after…” I believed her.

“Rani di take good care of mumma, I will be back in a year.” This is what she had told our maid. She believed her…

“Don’t worry mumma you will not have to work anymore…We all will move to Australia and you sit and order we will serve you..” They both laughed; she too believed her daughter in law.

Now in eight years time my mother has given up the hope. She wants me to forget the past and move on. She introduces me to  many beautiful girls as she now thinks I need and deserve a better partner, I deserve to be loved, I deserve a family…above all I deserve to be happy.

But the hope in me is still there, burning in some corner of my heart…


Now, I am not sure whether I still love her.

Still  the wait is  on; the search has not stopped yet, the search for her in every girl I meet.

As I still can’t find anything to hate in her.

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