Suspiciously Yours…

You have this boy you met on social media.  He had migrated to Australia twenty years back, a good looking and impressive guy. After six months of online dating, he comes to meet you all the way to India in person and his caring nature makes you feel loved and pampered. You realize “this is the gentleman I was waiting for.” You fall for him…so does he! You are so deeply, truly, madly in love with him and his past… a divorcee and a father to an eleven-year-old son from his live-in relation prior to his first marriage never affected you. In fact, his transparency helped him gain your respect furthermore. Next six months he toured up to you twice.


You hear your phone ring; you run and pick it up;

“Hello! Baby, how are you?”

“What took you so long to reply my call and why are you panting?” his choice form the other end asked suspiciously.

“Actually I was with my mom and my phone was in my room…I had to run as I heard the phone ring…I didn’t want to miss your call.” you spoke gasping for breath.

“Don’t give me this crap. Who is with you?”

With a smile you replied “possessive, Huh?”

A loud honk made her cringe and it is your cab for the office.

“Hey listen the cab has arrived and I don’t want to be late for my office. Talk to you in the evening.” you reply in anhurry.

“Oh! Your boyfriend will be upset if you go late yah??”

“Will you stop it; the cab is waiting, its honking might bring the entire building out if I don’t go out quickly.”

“Oooo! so your boyfriend is getting impatient now…”

“What’s gotten into you today? Listen I don’t have time now, I got to go bye!” you pick up your purse and rush.

His every call you missed or your delay in picking it up, or a dead phone with no charge he accuses you of being with another man. You explain him your situation but he is there with no ears to your say. You are hooked up with every man you meet…if you are at grocery, the grocery man is your boyfriend, you are buying vegetable, the vendor you are linked up with. From morning to midnight you are over the phone explaining him your situation, your relations and finally yourself.


Things are getting worse day by day and you finally decide to breakup…You prepare yourself to face the society and their questions, when they will hear about your relation status gone from engaged to – single. You had once introduced him shutting their mouth questioning you on your marital status even after the thirties. But that evening you get a call from him; that call made you rethink over your decision.

“Hello baby, how are you?”

This time you are at the receiving end.

“Hello…I am good. Is everything ok? You sound very low.”

“Actually I am feeling very left out today…I miss you baby.”

His voice makes you push back your idea of letting him know your next move…

He blaming his past for his behavior towards you, his possessiveness towards her was his fear…the fear of losing the most beloved person again; he didn’t want the history to repeat itself.

You have heard these before…several times and every time he does that, you abolish the idea of breaking up. You melt down to his words.

Next day you expect a sweet conversation filled with love. But NO! He calls everything goes same…he abuses you….your family…your neighbor…your community and the entire people from your region. You are back to the square one…explaining your situation and yourself.

What would you do here?

You love him a lot…and you know he loves you too…

He was there every time when you needed the most…all the way from Australia…but once he reaches back, he continues his mental torture….Be it away or near his false allegations never stopped.

Is this fair?

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  1. Time to say Bye-Bye! “You finally decide to breakup”……keep it the FINAL decision…….listen to your HEAD and not your HEART!

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