Funny things that never happened to me!!!


“Kyun beta, you thought you could escape from us??”

His fears of getting caught turned out to be true. To escape his ragging session a newbie in the hostel had taken a rickshaw to the railway station.  But alas he fell in to the group of his seniors who were already informed about his run away.

As a punishment he was given a piece of paper to save what he could and run back to the hostel NAKED.

Thought for a second, made two holes in that paper held it on his face and ran all the way to his room.

Face is what makes him different, rest everyone has the same…at that crucial moment he chose to cover his identity.

He was appreciated for his smart move, thought this didn’t save him from his share of ragging.

I would always scowl over the ragging tales of my husband…all dated over two decades back, but this particular one left me jaw dropped. The weird punishment and the smartness of the guy were unheard of before.

There are incidents which we never experienced, but when narrated really had us in splits.

The next one;                           

Wife comes out of her room holding her year old girl and her eyes fell on her husband who suddenly goes into vibration mode, confused she turn towards her neighbor friend standing next to her. Who thankfully understood the situation and switched off the button and saved the husband from shock. The wife failed to notice that he was fixing the Cooler. When the person behind the entire shock scene was reveled everybody went ROL. Being on mom’s arms the switch to the cooler came to her radar. Who would miss the chance to play their favorite game? She pushed the button on which led to her father’s tremor.

Other one is shared by my friend, one of his intimate secret… (Sorry dear….I swear will not disclose your name; )

A teenager in the hurry to lose his virginity forgets to remove his smelly socks…the unbearable rotten smell of it forced the girl to kick him out of her room…this led to their breakup later.

Though never happened to us but such happenings shared by our friends, cousins or husband and wife (can’t use plural here 😉 whenever recalled leaves us smiling.


Mother entered the room looking for something lifting the shoe rack, not just once but over and over. Every time she entered murmuring “yehi toh rakha tha…Kaha gaya.” (Had kept it right here…where is it now.)

“Mommy what is it that you are searching for?” her daughter knew how forgetful her mom was.

“My Poonam Dhillon is nowhere to be found…I remember keeping it here.”

“ Poonam Dhillon, in our shoe rack?”

“Yes beta I had kept it here but now it’s not here…”

“Do you know who Poonam Dhillon is? Uff, Mummy please be clear what exactly are you looking for??”

“Aree I am talking about that chappal you had brought from Kanpur…It is Poonam Dhillon, right?”

“MOM! It is Kolhapuri chappal”

In order not to forget the name Kolhapuri she had connected it with the actress Padmini Kolhapuri…she confused it up with another actor Poonam dhillon. She is very good at mixing up actors…Shareb Khan and Shama Khan (of course Shahrukh Khan and salman khan) Sanjeev kapoor and Sashi Kumar (  it is sanjeev kumar and Sashi kapoor).

The next incident is  related to me, here I was the cause of it but not present to see its after effect…Confused??

I will tell you what had actually happened…

 under the misconception of having a sweet voice I picked up a tape from the lot…It was mid 90’s…I recorded my favorite track By KK… “Pal.” Next morning I had to go back to my boarding school. Same evening my father picked up his Bhajan’s tape and played it…melodious voice of Anuradha Paudwal went ‘om bhur bhvah swaha’ ….was suddenly replaced by a rough coarse and off tuned voice ‘ Hum rahey ya na rahey kal’…. My elder sister couldn’t hold herself burst out into laughter…Thankfully my dad was not admitted for high Blood pressure that night…but he was really upset with me. The other night, I had accidently picked his bhajan’s tape instead, not my fault they both were of same color. God saved me from baba’s rage that day….; )

There are more to come…… soon…

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