Untamed, Chaotic mind.


The sky had turned crimson with the setting sun, seated with her tranquil mind and a cup of strong coffee, strong enough to give her the energy to play her role till she gets to hit the pillow. It’s not the physical exertion that bothered her; it was her mind always going hey why was the matter of concern. Not everyone is born with a sorted mind, with time it has to be tamed. The brain that dwell in her head seemed to be the wildest created ever and it had been losing its sanity with the adding age.

Thirty five years and not a day she remembered it being so quiet and at peace as this evening. She sat there with nothing to ponder on or maybe it was the display before her to be blamed, as the sky had turned exceptionally orange and with no wind blowing, the warmth had put her mind to rest.  She knew that this was not her mind, not used to such calmness; it was a little weird but she loved the unexpected peace.

This was not the scenario few hours before; her mind was indulged into some never ending argument with any and everything around her. It always created ruckus over presumed situation she might have to come across with the attacks and counter attacks all in her mind. By the end of the day she was left exhausted. But everything changed when she got applauded for what she thought was just her hobby.  It was her husband whose eyes perceived the talent in her hobby.She had lost the track of her own desire and passion all these year until that day. For her all that mattered was her husband and her kids; her family was above everything.

It was the day when she stroke her brush over the canvas and created a masterpiece. It was when she was told about what knack she was sanctified with, she felt elevated and the turmoil was out and the only act her mind performed then an organized event of thoughts. The only thing she could not let go all her life, her passion for painting, it clung into the corner of her heart and with time her desire to get back to it grew stronger.

Her mind was in peace not because the turmoil was over but it had now turned into a creative chaos. This was what she longed for, as this she could prove her worth. She could acquaint her creative self to the world.

That night she was not the same person, she felt new and fresh ready to conquer the world with her skill. Her eyes had the dreams she once was forced leave behind. She happily was playing with her kids and in the other corner her husband completely buried in his own set of entertainment “Candy Crush.”

“Who made this? Is this papa here? See papa it is you and us here” Her daughter came with the same canvas she had created this afternoon.

Her eyes met those which had spotted the mastery in the casual stroke of her brush. And he smiled as canvas he was holding was the sketch of the scene that they were living that moment, as this was the scene that repeated every night.  But The only difference in the master piece was, her husband too had joined them with their game.

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  1. This is really beautiful, Didi Really glad you’re following your passion. So proud of you! ?
    I look forward to seeing your paintings and to reading your other entries.

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