A Cheat That Wasn’t!!

Grooving to the music I loved,

alone in the room engulfed with darkness.

With my eyes shut I was enjoying every bit of “Me Time.”

When a stranger’s touch hemming around my waist startled me.

An exotic touch it was, never felt before,

the touch my body craved for, soft yet so strong

too enticing to let go. I chose to keep my eyes shut.

along with me he grooved.

Matching our steps, together we danced.

Slowly my hands went around his neck.

With his hands around my waist, he pulled me closer.

So close, I could feel his warm breath crawl all over my face.

And together we danced.

Gently he placed his lips on mine,

I couldn’t oppose, as it was the kiss I pined for.

And together we danced.

Slowly he led me to the bed

still holding me and our lips still locked.

I knew time was slipping off,

as I could hear tiny footsteps climbing the stairs.

I clung to him; didn’t want to let him go.

I wished the time stopped,

so that I could get a little more of him.

Then came a loud cry “Mumma!!!”

the door flung open and my kids barged in.

The click of the switch lit the room, forcing my eyes open.

With the darkness gone, I was left alone smiling at myself.

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