Poisonous Momo killing people!!!

A wattsapp account with a horrific doll image throws a challenge to your teen. The mysteriously dreadful image coaxes the inquisitive brain of that age. The number is added and the challenge is accepted and met too; they then bait them with several such challenges and if he or she refuses to do so they are threatened with noxious images and even death threatening calls. The last and the final challenges would be, to take away own life, suicide.


This sounds like Blue Whale and Slenderman, which took away many teens life.

The freaky doll image is of the artwork called Mother Bird of Link Factory, a creation of a Japanese artist Artist Midori Hayashi, to enhance his collection. It is as face of a woman with enormous bulging eyes and curvy stretched smile.

This game has already invaded the young minds of United State, Argentina, Mexico, France and Germany. It got the limelight after a 12 year old Argentinean girl killed herself. Her videos of doing the challenges were uploaded.

momo again.jpg

This is MOMO game…Killing people…Please people don’t entertain MOMO if it comes to you….

Weather it is true or not…whether it is just to take out information or not(as per cyber-crime expert) we are to be cautious when it comes to handing phones to our teens.

The artist has nothing to do with the game but yes his artwork has been misused by some psychopaths.

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