More of Funny things…

Expectations gone wrong!!


First date ever …fifteen year old boy brimming with ideas coming from his seniors date experiences, was determined to kiss his beau on his very first date…his tummy butterflies flapped its wings at the ides of it. He was well tutored by the veteran in his group which gave a boost to his confidence; still there was a pang of nervousness that gave him bugaboo with the thought of his girl’s reaction.  He had fantasized the entire scene holding her hand and get closer… his typically bollywood hijacked imagination…the thought left him with a smile.

Enough of fantasies…the of day performance had come…It was a open air date…of course that was what a teenage could afford in 90’s…venue was behind the bush. He was getting impatiently when he saw her approaching along with a tag, her friend. Girls never went anywhere alone.  “Shit!! Why did she have to bring a company?” But his crushed hopes regained when she left her tag at a few meters distance, behind another bush, acting as a cover up. She walked calmly as if she had all the time in the world while he was getting fidgety with the imaginations going wild made him lose of patience and nervousness. Tucking the strand of hair behind the ear, suddenly her pace increased, and the fear of being caught entering the infamous area made her do so. She sat next to him with no word in response to his greetings and smile.

“Listen, Make it quick…”

He was “What?”

“Whatever you want to do…make it fast…my cousin is waiting as she has tuitions in ten minutes, need to drop her and I don’t want her to be late.” She uttered the entire line at a go.

All his fantasies, of her hesitating and then slowly giving in to him…all ended with a loud crash.

No idea whether he kissed her or not…If you where her date would you?

What she did then was bold, now it’s personal freedom.

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