Re-Funny thighs that never happened to me!!!

Puky episode


It was last minute travel plan, Mother and son took the bus to siliguri with a single ticket. A beautiful girl seated next to her asked “hello aunty, are you alone?” to which mother replied with a gentle smile “I have my son with me.” The son stood next to their seat listening to their talk. The concerned son kept asking his mother “are you ok ama?” as he knew his mother had travel sickness, but it was not just her motion sickness that troubled him.

For the fifth time he turned to check his mother, she was there with her head out of the bus window…throwing up.  Completing her business she tucked her head in and suddenly she went panicky… “Stop…Stop!! It’s gone…Sano bhai tell him to stop!!” The son knowing what exactly had happened…both mother son got down the bus…ran back towards the place where she had actually disposed off her spew and started searching the point . Unfortunately that particular moment the bus went pass over a flowing creek. The conductor cried “what are you looking for?” no answer from them…the bus stood there for five long minutes with the conductor constantly asking “what did your mother drop?” No answer yet.

Irritated “Whatever it is if you have found it or not we cannot wait any longer…get into the bus there are other passengers too.”  Assuming that it might have gone with the flow of the water, they got back…When the mother excused herself to her seat  the girl noticed something missing, “but what?” she though it didn’t take her long to notice “Oh shit her teeth…they are gone!!!.”


This was all the hush about between the two..She didn’t get time to remove her false set of fore teeth before throwing up and it had fallen off then. The son was too embarrassed to reveal the missing treasure to the conductor. Her decaying teeth had to be replaced with false one in early age and they too were gone now. On reaching the destination the girl with a smile “ok bye BARI”(bari is generally used for elderly lady, senior citizen.)

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