Have you ever convened yourself?? (Second Part)

My added inches after returning from my mother’s place were quite visible and how could my husband’s friend miss the chance to comment on it “ Kyun bhabhi  bada sehat ka dhyan rakh rahey ho aaj kal?” (You have become health concious) reading between the lines…. My prompt response to it was;

“Yes, I believe in maintaining myself.”

What he said did sting me, but thankfully my unexpected and quick reply helped restrict its damage.

I was me, after all , who was still under the process of meeting myself, so his comments kept coming back to me. I then increased my exercise timing…doubled my walking rounds, what did I get? It left me tired and hungry all the time.

When I say other’s opinion doesn’t affect me…I might be partially correct, because I apply conditions to it…if it is a positive comment, it doesn’t affect me; but any negative or different comment, raises my doubt in myself.

Why do I forget that “We are born not to impress people

We tend to forget ourselves while trying to please others.

I completely agree to whoever wrote the quote

I am born to express not to impress

Blinded by the social media’s flash we often wish to live other does life…not know that we actually see is what they want us to see, believe in what they want us to believe. They too have the other part of the story hidden from us, the struggle, their hardship, or maybe even their fights and disputes.

I see pictures of happy people in social media and they often leave me comparing myself to them and leave me unhappy. I failed to realize that in the effort to fit in the labels that we are tagged with…we actually are diminishing ourselves…

I guess we not just have think out of the box…but also get out of the box.

If we stop acting what we are not and try to pretend who we want to be, might actually helps us in knowing ourselves better.

Let’s extend the boundaries people have set for us and know our worth; let’s throw self challenges and know our value.

I am still trying…hopefully I will get to convene myself and write on it soon…

And be able to introduce you the new me…that I find in myself….

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  1. That is so true for so many, we all believe that we do not let other people’s comment affect us but inside they actually do. It is hard to be yourself when you constantly get remarked on it but I do believe that I will still be me even if there words hurt me. Their words only act and swim within my mental state for a little while but if I didn’t continue to be me then I wouldn’t be me.

    1. Yes, living in the world where you are judged every day it is hard not to be affected by any hard comments. All we could do is ignore and be who we are. Thank

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