Have you ever convened yourself?? (First Part)

Rather than just creating a baseless disorientation about my new topic let me put it up straight….

How to meet yourself?

inner beauty.jpeg

This is something I have been asking myself lately…

Well, Whether I really have found myself or not is still a question…

But I guess I have researched few paths to it…some tried by me and failed and tried again and failed; now my constant trying and not giving up is helping me know the inner myself, though gradually but yes the result seems visible.

And some I have not tried…but yes if you have a strong will power you definitely crack it; mine is not too good.

The problem is we are severely underrated by ourselves…We can do more than what we actually think we can; we never have tried our selves.

For that we have to go beyond our comfort zone. A little discomfort, a little struggle will bring us closer to our selves. We will know our value, our worth…which till today was set by others.

We know ourselves through other’s mind, thoughts and perspective. Try breaking that thinking… How?

You are happy the way you look for the party tonight, you know you are looking great in the outfit and suddenly someone comments “hey you look different tonight…” you begin to carry their thoughts into you and doubt your appearance.  This is the beginning to squash your confidence out of you. Your eyes now search for a mirror to check… “Different?? What way? Am I”…where as your reply should be… “Different is beautiful …regular is boring.”

“You look bulkier than last we met….” Or “you seem to have shred some kilos..hmmm what is the secret?”

What impact does either of these lines have on you?

It mattered a lot to me…

Well this is what happens to me…I still have the habit of craving for appreciation…though this is now abating with my constant effort on it.

When we know we are beautiful inside out…why hunt for recognition? or even let such comments affect you..

They day you get rid of this habit…you will love the new and beautiful you…you discover.

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