Break the touch and feel shopping trend..Go online…

Trying anything new for the first time always gives us a chill. The fear “what if it goes wrong” make our first move hesitant. This is what I go through every time I try new stuff, I fear changes a lot…But to survive this ever evolving life style we have to move as the time makes us to.


Online shopping is one of the revolution born through Internet and has explored the marked of almost the entire world. But people still consider this equivocal in many places.  I don’t claim everybody being skeptical buying things online and there are people esp youngsters who prefer both online and offline and few who are completely into online shopping. But this doesn’t change the fact that there are still people who fear entering this. Especially they are the ones who believe in the touch and feel theory of shopping. To invest money on something we have seen on screen does give birth to certain doubts…

  • Does it deliver the same product shown on screen?
  • Will it be delivered for sure?
  • How do we do the payment? Is it safe?
  • Fitting issue…returns policies?

Such fears will always block your way, the way it did mine.

Five years back I plunged into the world of ‘online thing’… I placed an order for set leggings of seven different colors and followed by five kurtis to match the former. Can’t call it online though, it was tele shopping; thank fully it turned out to be a great one. Inspired by my revolutionary move my friend went a step ahead…Online shopping…and in no mood to lag behind her I too entered this genre by placing my first order…kid’s apparel and there was no stopping for me after that; from electronic good… Kitchen storage…foot wear… to books…I have covered everything.

You can buy any and everything under the online roof. Few things in mind while shopping will definitely help you save your cash.

  • The First thing is to remember to compare…the trend our moms have been following off line, checking out every shop and go for the ones who offer the cheapest. Few things better kept unchanged. One positive thing…this is what I love of Online, we don’t have to face frowning sales person on turning shop upside down and not buying anything from them. It saves us from the guilt of making them work extra.
  • Wish list is the best place to stack your chosen products while browsing other sites…If you like a product in a particular site do not rush to buy it…you browse further you will be surprise to find the different rated for the same product…depends on the dealer.
  • Next thing is to check the ratings. This is a crucial step not to be missed at any cost, if you want your product to come out good. A look at the customer’s review corner will give you an idea on the product, its quality, packaging, and shipping. Always go for the ones rated with three or more stars.

To begin with my experience of online shopping:

My genuine online order was apparel for my kids. I won’t say it went wrong, the quality was awesome but they were slightly bigger to both my kids. I didn’t exchange or refund them instead I waited for my kids to grow that size to fit them well. Now that I got the idea of the size, I go for a size smaller than my kid’s age. They are tinier compared to their age group. If you want to avoid such issues you can always refer to the size chart and order accordingly…

You can know the quality of the product by reading product detail paragraph; it covers the material used to instruction to its take care. Here costumer’s reviews will be of great help. Read them go for products with three or more stars. If the product doesn’t match your expectation you can always return them…your money will be back to your account within a week. One week is the maximum time considering the weekends or the holiday that might fall in between…or else I had received my refund the second day the courier men picked it from my door step.

Caution: While opening the packaging don’t tear it haphazardly and DON’T THROW IT AWAY unless you are sure your product is delivered exactly the way you want it to be. Try to tear it neat so that you can conveniently pack them back while returning; if ever you may.

Electronics is a field where we always think before paying, be it online or of line. For me I have had a good experience so far buying, mobile, epilators, hair straightner…all are working fine…except for one of my epilator which stopped working after it slipped from my hands…my mistake but my first one worked for one and a half years despite of my rough handling…Now I have brought a new one of the same brand which i owned first.

My Kitchen has transformed after the old and uneven containers were replaced by my new 18 pieces plastic canister set, ordered online last Diwali. Quality is good and I was lucky enough to get it in a great rate. This the only thing I have brought for my kitchen as my mom doesn’t believe on online purchasing. She still prefers touch feel shopping; generation gap.

Trust me Books are really cheap online, of course unless you buy used books offline. I regretted paying hundred fifty bucks extra for my daughter’s fairytale book from the nearby shop…whereas the same book cost three hundred eighty online. I have ordered two more Tom Gates series for my kid, which will be delivered within two days.

Payment mode…I always go for COD, Cash on delivery…believing it to the safest mode…well get the product delivered and then pay them. Paying through Credit or Debit card I still fear online forgery hacking so I this time I opted for swiping my debit card…I was given 50% cash back…added to my website account…I could use it on my next buy.

What I do is make a wish list and wait for the offer and online sale…great this sale and great that sale…I save a lot on buying it there.

Be it cash on delivery or swipe the card we are not allowed to open the parcel prior the payment. So if we want to exchange or refund it we have to go through the entire process of filling the reason form and giving the bank account number. The best part is it is an easy process…give the reason of exchange or refund, your banking detail and you will receive your amount back within two working days.

We are the result of evolution and to adapt to the ever evolving life style is the inbuilt nature of human species.

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