My journey from favorite to trash!!


I was always here, right before your eyes but you never saw me, instead, you went for the new ones who hardly knew you.

Have you ever realized how would I feel?

It was until few months back, before you entered college I was the one who walked with you in your ups and downs. It is me who surfaced the hidden beauty in you made you look prettier, in fact, the best looking among your friends; I complimented you in every way.

“You look so good together,” I still remember people complimenting us when we walked hand in hand and also those appreciating look we earned from every unknown pair of eyes that fell on us on our way. Still you chose……

Why? Where did I go wrong?

I was here waiting to be with you…but every time your hands brushed me away to the corner and  went for the ones in Vogue, my hopes were severely crushed.

You never saw the longing…the desire to be with you, in me…

Or is it you were pretending not to?

Your negligence has left me with scars and wounds wounds so deep which never seem to heal.

How you argued with your parents and convinced them to have me, you seem to have forgotten all, but not me.

And the day came when my wait to embrace the bare you again, was squelched completely leaving me devastated.

That day, you were wildly looking for something…I prayed your search to be me….

And yes it was me you were looking for!!… “Ahh! Here you are…” exclaiming pulled me out of the closet.

Now, I so wish that my prayer was left unheard that day.

“Yes mom, here it is. It is pure cotton you can use it for dusting” I was flung towards your mother.

“It still looks good, why you don’t wear them?” mom giving me a final look holding me by my collar, replied.

“I have worn it enough and don’t want it anymore I AM BORED mom.”

“I am Bored”

These words went through my heart like a dagger…It hurt so bad that your mom tearing me into two pieces went painless…

Now I am doing what I am destined to, cleaning the house and the other half of me is in the kitchen doing her share of work.

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