I owe this splendor to you…

I am because you made me happen.

I exist because you created me.

Your touch gave me life, creating wonders in me and gave meaning to my existence.

Your magical caress always added shades to my lifeless life.

And turn me into an engraved piece of art; attracting several pairs of eyes and appreciating the masterpiece you have created out of me.

There were few pairs pointing out the flaws in your creation,

they never bothered me though, I was happy to gather every single attention I was getting.

If not for you, I was nothing.

Every time we met, you had different shades of stories to carve on me.

Many coming out of your wild imagination and many from your experience. Though you never revealed its onset or its inspiration; I could always read your touch.

Be it sunshine or rain, your pain or gain, you never failed to decorate me; pouring down your heart all over me.

The content eyes while reading, and re-reading after painting me with your artistry, always gave me immense joy.

No words can ever describe our relation; you have cried, laughed, celebrated and mourned over me.

And your emotions have successfully chiseled the masterpiece on me.


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