My (New) Dress!!!

“Here sweetheart, I got a (new) dress for you”

My mother’s voice made me run to her.

I slipped in it.

And loved what the mirror reflected,

I was never tired of flipping through myself in my (new) dress.

new dress.jpg

I felt beautiful,

I felt confident.

I felt confident as I felt beautiful.

That evening I walked out flaunting it happily

To my mom’s workplace.

“Look at me it’s my (new) dress”

I wanted to scream at the top of my voice.

Waiting for the door to open I stood before it,

A sudden cold tiny little something crawling on my waist made me turn around

“There is a hole here!!!” A three-year-old kid’s cry startled me.

It was his cold little finger on my skin through the small TORN part on My (New) Dress.

Pulling it away from him “where?” I searched for it.

It was there, right there staring at me,

Mocking me, laughing at me.

“How did I not see this?”

The door to my mother’s workplace opened.

“Hey this is mine, Mumma this was my favorite dress”

The daughter of the house screamed with her eyes fixed on my dress.

She dragged me by my dress to her mother.

“Yes it was, but now I gave it to her; I have a new one for you dear.”

My mom stood there helplessly staring at me, holding a mop.

“Wasn’t this my NEW Dress?” I looked at her.

Her eyes said it all.

She lied to me…

I cursed myself for believing her

I cursed myself for believing it to be a new dress.

I cursed myself for believing that broken piece of the reflector,

I  had so much trust on.

It kept away from me what people never fail to notice

It hid from me something that could never have escaped people’s eyes.

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