Momentary Chaos.

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“Hurry up girl, wake up… go take a quick shower; you are getting late for school.”

Holding her five-year-old boy all bundled up in a towel with few drops still dripping from his hair, yelled at her daughter.

She was trying to be quick that morning but seemed to be losing her command over her hands. Everything was slowing down, and her ten years old not listening to her raged her further.

“Get up… do you want to get punished for being late to school? And I don’t want you to miss your classes with this reason” rubbing the towel all over her son…wiping him dry she yelled again.

Mumbling to herself “I don’t know how I am going to manage today, with just an hour left with me to prepare breakfast, pack their lunch box and reach them to the bus stop and be on time for my interview.”  Amidst the chaos she was wondering where her husband was and why isn’t he here helping her? And this messy kitchen… staring at the untidy platform.

That day the time too seemed to be in a hurry, as she realized within a blink of her eye forty-five minutes was gone and she was still stuck in packing the lunch box and it was almost time for their school bus.

Again with another blink, the clock said that her kids missed their bus…they were running half an hour late already…Suddenly she heard her phone ring…she was trying to get hold of it but her hands too slippery with butter she had spread over the toast, it slipped and broke into two pieces…


She jumped onto her knees and her hands straight away reached for her mobile under her pillow…She was relieved to find it in a single piece…with the buzz still on, she saw at her husband covering his ears with a pillow and Muttered: “Put the damn thing off.” The time showed 6:00 am.

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  1. Hi. This till needs quite a bit of editing. Unfortunately, from what I read, it is almost incoherent.

    1. Thank you so much for your honest feedback. Well, let me help you understand better. Working mothers fear of not getting things done on time, and how it haunts her even in her sleep.

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