One Final Shot!

The breeze that blew on his face was charged with the aroma of past, tempting his sense to go back to the place where he belonged to. But it was too late; the time was gone, and with it the hope of going back had elapsed. He had chosen this life, to follow his passion over the blue-collar job his father had intended for him.

As the ship lurched its way through the waves of the ocean, he lay there squinting his eyes from the harsh sun rays watching a Seagull Soaring high up in the sky.

“It could be a perfect shot,” he thought still laying there without moving a muscle. He wished he could have his hands on his weapon he could have got that bird’s shot as a trophy.  If only his hands were free from the knots he would grab his weapon for the perfect shot.

seagull pic

“It’s time to say good bye, intruder” a man’s voice was heard, who placed his gun point on the captives head.

“Any last wish?” he asked.

The captives nodded as he saw few more of the seagull diving back… “Oh! God one shot please….” Was what he continuously prayed for, even at that crucial moment!

With his hands loosened and the cloth removed from his mouth he coughed hard and said in gasps“I want to Take a shot of that bird…”but before he could finish his words the gun went BANG and brought the bird fluttering down on the deck. … ” your wish is granted” the one eyed man said with the smoke still swirling out of the gun mouth. The captive’s eyes widen with horror…. “What did you do? I wanted a shot…why did you kill it?” He said reaching out for the pouch tied on his waist.

With his hand still clung to something inside that pouch. “I did it for you”  was the reply from the man with the gun, before the captive could pull out what his pouch had, “Bang” went the gun. With that the entire ocean went silent.

The captive was down with blood gushing out from his forehead  and his hands glued to the camera in the pouch.

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  1. Well, I don’t know what to say, perhaps we should all communicate better with one another, it also teaches me a lesson to be clearer in my writing so people do not misconstrue what I mean. Thank you for sharing.

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