Plan…A secret plan.

Part II

Girls came up with the proper plan this time, though it took them four long months to reach it to their parents…

Everything was well planned. It was eight days plan to Kullu. Everything was penned down, budget the location, they were ready with every minute detail.

When the girls were busy crafting out the most effective way to take out yes from their parents, the phone buzzed, it was Whatsapp message blinking again…

Tara: guys I know it isn’t easy to get out yes from our parents for such a long trip…let’t cut it short to four days.

Tina: I knew it…see I told you….

Trisha: why what happened? Did you speak? What did they say?

Tara: they won’t allow us….

Tara: typing

The trio waited patiently for about two minutes but Sara was too frustrated laying on the bed waiting for the typing to be finished.

Sara: what is she typing for so long?

Tina: all you need to say is, yes or no, whether they agreed or not…what the hell is taking you so long to type that????

Trisha: I know….

Tara: I will never be allowed to get out of the house….unless we have made it as a college trip…I mean, at least we could tell them that.

Tina: are you nuts? In college trips we get a circular from the administration, moreover, there are a lot of people in my colony from the college. My parents are going to inquire and find out the truth.

Tara: If you think that your parents will allow you to go for all girls trip, tell them the truth. For me I know, my parents will never agree to it. I need a lie to make the trip happen…..

There was something Tara wanted to say but couldn’t. It was the talk over dinner, the chosen night for seeking permission for the trip, four months back.

“Chutki…this is the last year of your college? When are your exams going to be over?”

Her Father spoke up. Since she was the youngest, that’s what ever one at home called her.

“ I think it will be over in three months? Why, am I right?”

Her brother answered with his brows arched and his eyes affixed to her. She nodded.

What happened next was something she had always feared. Every night at the dinner table she expected this topic to be brought up. Unfortunately, it was this day. Her wedding was fixed with a guy from some political family.

Of course, this was a deal for her brother’s career into politics. In fact, this wedding was a stepping stone leading him to the power and fortune. And she was very much aware of her being used. The worst part was it was announced to her. No one was there to listen to her say, she was not ready, she had a dream, she wanted to have a career, but she knew no point telling them.

She could see her dreams being crushed but she didn’t want to let it happen.

She had a plan…….

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