Plan…Did the Trip Happen??

Part III  

The girls were happy that their parents did buy their made-up story about the college trip for four days.

But no one knew what Tara had planned for them.

The day had come when all the girls were busy with their luggage for their most awaited trip. Just a couple of hours and they will be gone, and who cares about that even if their parents find out the truth. They are gone, will deal once back.

“O, God! Just let the truth be hidden for a few more hours…till we are gone. Please GOD,” this was the only prayer going on, in every girl’s mind.

Tara had some other plan; she had locked herself up since last night with an excuse of not being well. She has spent the sleepless night and was all set with her bags packed. No one else, but she was aware of her plan to flee to Darjeeling.

She quietly dropped her bag off her balcony. A few minutes later she descended the twine made out of her scarves knotting together. Confirming that her escape was not witnessed she then picked up the bag and sneaked out snaking her way through the overgrown grass behind her house which led her straight to the high way. She was glad to see a bus rolling down the road. She jutted her hand out for the bus to stop.

But then she caught the sight of a van overtaking the bus from the other side. As it approached close to her, she lost the grip of her bag and it dropped and she was there immovable. The color of her face went pale when the dark glass of the car rolled down…It was her Brother staring at her with clenched teeth.

Sara was to be dropped off by her dad. Everything was done when her phone rang…It was Tara calling…

“Yes, I am leaving now…what happened…”

The voice at the other end was not that of Tara… “Saraji, give the phone to your dad,”

Sara could feel the chill crawling over her spine… “Hello.. who is this?

“It is Me Tara’s brother I want to talk to you dad now…”

Everyone waiting outside for looked at her, eager to know who it was?

“What Happened Bhaiya? Is everything all right?” hesitantly she asked.

“hand over the phone to your dad…I need to talk to him.”

Reluctantly she extended her cell to her father…who took it raising her brows…to which she mouthed “tara’s brother”

She stood patiently her eyes reaching the watch.

“Who all are going for the trip?”Her father asked replacing the receiver.

Shrugging her shoulder Sara “almost the whole class…I am getting late… I told you everything papa…” trying to avoid further questions Sara tried to shift the focus.

“give me the number of the teacher coming with you” her father fiddling his mobile ready to note down the number.

Sara hesitated a bit… “ I don’t have it now…why?” her heartbeat started racing…something was not right. Her father asked again “where did you said you all are going to?”

“Papa, told you we are leaving for Kullu…Manali.”

“But Tara, your friend was caught with four tickets to Darjeeling.” Her father said, turning red with anger.

“WHAT?” Sara blurted squinting her eyes.

Few miles away…

“What??? But Maa…” Tina tried to find a way to explain but she herself was clueless to explain the situation.

 “What’s going on here?” her mother cried out from behind the wheels.

“I knew this would happen….why did I listen to Tara…” Tina silently cursed herself for being a part of it.

Trisha sat on the couch of her drawing-room placing her luggage on the foot of it. She could not believe that the plan was canceled. A call from Tina informing about Tara’s lie and the Darjeeling ticket had left her in shock.

A month later the girls were dressed up looking gorgeous in beautiful shimmery lehengas..

The hall was packed with hundreds of guests. The Groom sat there with his best smile and few men from his side walked around with rifles. Now the entry of the bride was awaited. Almost an hour had passed but there was no sign of the Tara yet. A sudden murmuring in the hall caught every attention which soon reached the girls… “ The bride is missing.”

The trio looked at each other, their eyes almost popped out of its place. They knew they will be the first suspect if Tara had really run away from her wedding.

A Buzz of their cell phone forced them to look at its screen. It was WhatsApp notification again.

Tara : Guys please help me get out…..

Hurriedly they walked towards the place they were called for help from.

The door opened and there stood Tara smiling nervously in the kitchen.

Tina cried… “you fool what are you doing here? Do you know what ruckus you have created outside?”

“I was hungry…I was starving.” Tara said innocently.

“couldn’t you wait ?” Tina yelled back.

“ We are not supposed to eat anything until the ceremony is over….I couldn’t wait for that long. No one is going to get me food, so I thought of helping myself out. But I didn’t realize that someone would lock me up from behind.” she explained shrugging her shoulder.

“And everyone outside thinks you ran away from the wedding…” Trisha’s mother standing at the doorstep of the kitchen spoke with a smile.

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