Let’s make cooking fun by elevating kitchen with Induction cook top.

Technology has infiltrated into our life in almost every way. Kitchen too is not spared from this change.

In India the basic cooking appliance once firewood was later replaced by Gas stove and now induction cook top; yes, kitchen definitely has not been spared.

Induction cook top is something that has really made cooking smart.  But before going for any change there are lots of doubts to be cleared.

Doubts like

Is it safe?

How to use?

And most importantly which brand to choose?

Talking about brands in Kitchen appliance, Prestige is one name that has been ruling and elevating the Indian Kitchen from ages.

Prestige PIC 20 1200- watt induction Cook Top Black, safe, light weight and user friendly cook top by prestige is something highly recommendable, that is if you are seriously thinking of buying one.

Let’s count its benefits

Healthy cooking: Anti magnetic walls makes doesn’t allow the excess heat to escape, thus giving a healthy meal without any magnetic hazards.

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Prestige cook top

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Ordinary induction

Intelligently computer controlled: Its automatic temperature adjustment for different food makes cooking easy and fun.

Easy to maintain: It is designed in a way that it can be maintained effortlessly.

Energy saving: Minimal energy saving due to its direct heating features (every energy generated is utilized not wasted).

What type of cookware should be used on Induction cook top?

Not every utensil can be used on induction cook top. Only those made of ferromagnetic material, material having magnetic properties. You don’t have to buy the whole set of cookware if you have iron and steel material utensils at home can be used.

How to find out which cook ware can be used?

Get a magnet close to the base, if it sticks to the utensil, you can use it. Flat based cookware is preferred on induction cook top.

What to avoid?

Ceramic and aluminum utensils are not suitable for induction. Those with conclave, convex and base with 5mm tall pot foot and lesser that 12cm diameter should not be used.

How does an Induction work?

It’s simple, when the burner is switched on an electric current runs through the electromagnetic coil beneath the ceramic plate, generating magnetic field. And this field induces many tiny electric current in the vessel places on the cook top. This current flowing in the vessels gives enough temperature for the food to be cooked.

Prestige PIC 20 1200- watt induction Cook Top Black has preset Indian Menu, so you can have your favorite dishes perfectly cooked.

You get fast, easy and mess free cooking with induction compared to a gas stove.

Lets check the pros and cons;

  • Temperature controller and set timer makes cooking easy but it come little expensive.
  • It requires less energy but during power cuts cooking is not possible.
  • Safe compared to regular gas stove as it is mechanically controlled but few open cooking dishes like roti cannot be cooked.  Needs special cook ware as not every utensil is compatible for it.

It has not succeeded in replacing the gas stove completely, but it has been complimenting Indian kitchen lately.  Induction cook top in fact, acts as an extra help to cope with the ticking clock during rush hours.

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