Inspire your kid to establish a reading habit.

Do you want your kid to establish reading habit?

Hand them  Diary  of a Wimpy Kid series.

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Book suitable for kids 8 yrs and above, gives them the flash of middle school, the friendship goals and the complication that almost every teenager has to face.

The author Jeff Kenny through his Protagonist Greg’s life gives a glimpse to the dawn of the middle school life.

Greg getting a grim start and his struggle to deal with the situation is woven in a beautifully satirical manner.

Each Character is created with such a wit that its witticism keeps the reader engaged and entertained throughout.

Its humor doesn’t let the reader put the book down until it’s over.

Moreover, it distracts kids from the latest gadgets and its hazardous games by keeping them engaged.

Reading is the finest way to implant endurance into our kid and get a calm and composed self. Diary of a Wimpy kid series is no doubt the best book to commence with.

Exceeding 80 million online views and read by more than 70,000 kids in a day, Diary of a Wimpy kid series has been the best seller in USA from the first series published.

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