Want health + taste in your plate?

Kitchen has always been memory creating corner, it has a great impact on our health and happiness; for this reason it can surely be named ‘the heart of the home’.

It’s easy to find a cookware but to find one with the combination, assuring health, taste, look and durability is not a child’s play.

It is a by default duty of the women of the house to look after the kitchen. Trust me it is never an easy task to do. Especially for the newbie’s who has never entered the kitchen and doesn’t have any idea about the cookware.  Can’t decide which brand to go for, and whom to trust.

Wonderchef cookware is the best possible solution to your ever confusing problem.

 Why wonderchef???

Here are the reasons…

  • The material used is pure graded Aluminum which gives equally balanced and fast cooking. The ceramic coating helps our plate get healthy, thanks to its Eco friendly nature.
  • Be it for daily cooking or occasional use the coating hardly gets peeled off; it is durable, long-lasting and trustworthy.
  • It is designed with such a caution; every minute detail has been taken care of, considering all the issues of women while cooking.
  • Its tempered see through glass lid lets us see what’s cooking inside without removing the lid.
  • Knob made up of silicon now you can remove the lid without burning your hand which means you don’t need to look for a cloth to hold it.
  • It comes in attractive, vibrant and irresistible colours. These colours will definitely elate your mood resulting in to a healthy, innovative and finger licking dishes in your plate.
  • The best part is it can be used both as cooking and a serving dish. It is built with gas stove and induction and oven friendly base.
  • This package includes 3 casseroles (125 ltrs, 225 ltrs and 4 ltrs) 3 glass lid (16cm, 20cm and 24cm) and 2 years warranty from the manufacturer’s end.

Visually appealing, easy to clean and made up of heavy and sturdy material, Wonderchef  Ceramide casserole is no doubt an excellent choice for your kitchen.

You can have them for yourself  from amazon by clicking on the buy button below.

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