Wristwatches: Just a time teller or a style statement?

From merely being a decorative jewelry for women in early 19th century, till gaining its popularity as men’s essential style accessory, watches, no doubt has proved a perfect combination of both fashion and necessity.

We get to hear that wrist watches to some extent have been replaced by mobile today. But I believe that it has failed to replace the impact it leaves on people when it comes to looking at and telling the time. The undeniable truth is it can neither be replaced nor be out of style.

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Wrist watches reflects your taste and your style; it actually reflects you, so it better not be fake. That little extra you put from your pocket won’t bother much when it comes to showing the world who you are and where you stand.

We actually want to experience the sense of content and satisfaction and boosting our confidence with it tied around your wrist, making us stand out in the crowd.

In the verge of extinction, Espoir’s Analogue Blue dial watch Latest0507 with its unique design and features has given wrist watches a new life.

Espoir’s Analogue Blue dial watch Latest0507, to a great extent has everything you expect from a watch. Its colour, straps and dial everything has a unique style which definitely will make you feel stand tall amongst the crowd. It gives you the confidence and the sense of joy while wearing it.

With features like day and date display gives it a professional look and the combination of round blue dial and silver straps gives a royal look making it a perfect wear for every occasion.

The dial measure 38 mm and the strap 24 cm long works with Japanese format, is an ideal size of a men’s wristwatch.

Well if you look at its cons; its weight might be a little bothering, as it is on a little heavier side. The other one might be its manual date and day changing feature, where you have to take the trouble to change it every morning.

Espoir Analogue Blue dial watch Latest0507 proved it that neither Android nor any smart phones can ever replace the majesty of a wrist watch.

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