A perfect way to instill patience and endurance in your baby.

Knowing the fact that books are portal to knowledge, patience and endurance, we want to instill the habit of reading books in to our kids from the early age. It is true that no age is too early to introduce books our kids.


Now the question that arises in every new parent’s mind.What type of books we should buy for infant? What are the things that we should look for in an infant book?

  • Bright and colourful.
  • Interactive and engaging.
  • Filled with pictures.
  • Good and lasting Quality .

Baby touch play book, series of infant books by ladybird has everything that you want  your baby to learn. A perfect book for your kid  to explore and know the world around them. It is an amazing book with bright and colorful pictures which your baby will surely fall in love with.

This book is interactive enough with activities like;

  • Touch and feel section, introducing them to the sense of touching and feeling different and new things.
  • Make them giggle with Peek a boo and flip flaps section and many more activities which will definitely keep your child engaged for long.

Baby touch series comes in big size and with quality texture and strong binding which can easily withstand the rough handling of your baby.

These books are mostly recommended for the babies below 1 year as the series involves the activities that is appropriate for the child of this age group.

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