You can save your baby from the rashes by switching to wipes.

Changing Diapers, cleaning poop and yes not to forget the sleepless nights, this is what we are introduced to as new parents.  Thank god we have diapers now; it helps us get that extra sleep which could be interrupted by wailing baby anytime of the night due to wet cloth nappies.  And of course, proper undisturbed and dry sleep for the baby too.

This is what our parents did for us and we will be doing it for our kids without complaining, as we know the bundle of joy we hold in our arms is everything to us.

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Diapers have replaced cloth nappies and Baby Wipes has eased the poop cleaning process by replacing the messy cotton balls and a mug of water or even worse wet cloth causing rashes. Baby Wipes isn’t a new thing, but in India it recently gained its popularity.

In the cut throat competition amongst the brands to choose from is really confusing. We definitely want the best for our kid and to choose the best from the array is not at all easy.

If you ask me, I prefer Johnsons Baby Wipes, for being mild, gentle and effective product for babies and handy for all mothers.  Johnsons & Johnsons a well known and mom’s trusted brand has been successfully nurturing kids since ages.

Let me show you why I choose wipes over cloth and water.

  • We are aware that the repeated use of the cloth may cause rashes to the baby skin, as it erodes the natural moisture in it. Wipes on the other is enriched with triple moisturizing lotion keeping the baby’s skin smooth and the moisture in it intact.
  • If you talk about the softness there is no comparison with the wipes. No matter how soft cloth you manage to get but its repeated use may cause rashes making the baby cranky and irritated all the time.  The ingredients present in the wipes clean the baby skin without reddening or causing rashes.  It gently wipes out the flakiness from the dry skin keeping the delicate new born skin moisturized and smooth.
  • Johnsons claims to be allergy free and it has been tested by dermatology so you can use it without stressing yourself.

Why choose Johnsons wipes over other brands?

  • As Johnsons & Johnsons is a brand giving the best baby product to over 173 countries. Baby wipes is no exception as it is safe, mild, gentle for the delicate baby skin, exactly what a new mom wants for her new born.
  • The packaging of this brand is outstanding.  The flip top is the icing on the cake; it retains its moisture despite of its repeated use.
  • Travelling with baby made easy and hassle free with this easy to use pack of wipes.
  • It can also be used by adult as a face wipe.

Diapers and wipes have definitely eased baby handling for every parent today. Yes, you have to put in a little extra buying them but if you purchase it from amazon gives you heavy discount. What more do we ask for if you get to save some rupee while getting the best for your baby.

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