Travel in style and confidence with an exqusite set of carry on.

Travelling is something everyone loves, as it adds new experience and freshness to your monotonous life. But it might turn out to be a nightmare due to our troublesome travel bags that we have been clinging to all this years.

If you feel your trolley has traveled countless miles with you and it is a little out of fashion, you can think of a change. What we normally look for in a travel bag is durability and easy to handle, this combination will surely ease your journey. Market flooded with bags of style, size and competitive price, makes it a challenge to fetch the right bag.

Things to ensure while buying a luggage bag;

  • Easy to handle
  • Durability
  • Light weight
  • Size
  • Safety
  • Trendy
  • Minimal price

Nasher Miles a fresh international brand in India has come with an amazing deal of Nasher Miles ABS hard luggage Set of 3 travel suitcases. Best deal anyone can ever get . Hard bodied, light weight suitcases in three different sizes and also gives you a 6 months warranty.

  1. Small or cabin bag comes in 21.7 inches and weights 2.5kgs
  2. Medium bag is 25.6 inches and 3.5kgs
  3. Large is 29.6 inches and 4.2kgs

The question now arises .

Why go for this bag?

The answer is the quality and the price it provides is unmatched.

It is super light and made from scratch resistant material.

It gives a smooth mobility with four double spinner wheels.

Strong and smooth functioning handle helps in easy maneuvering.

Side mounted locking system gives you secured and safe journey.

Enough space to carry all your family requirements.

3 colour options to choose from.

This set of combo gives you bags to pack for your every family member still keeping it light.  Also occupies less space while storing, as the smaller bags can easily be nested into the bigger ones.

Soft bodied luggage is seen in almost every home but the hard side luggage is now capturing the market because of its material providing the durability, light weight, style and safety, what every traveler looks for

Besides its qualities there are few drawbacks of these hard sided bags;

Nesher Miles is no exceptional from the other hard sided bag can get scratched. Need to handle with extra care.

Hard and inflexible body makes it difficult to squeeze in those little extras things as we do in the softer sided ones.

Need a fixed storage space.

Nasher Miles ABS hard luggage Set of 3 travel suitcases aims to let you travel in style and confidence be it for flight or a train journey.

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