The Last First Night: Who Is She?

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Part IV

Lying beside him, the very thought of Anita made her uneasy. Pouring herself a glass of water she walked towards the window, with the name ‘Anita’ former lady love of her husband ruling her mind. It was brightly morning by now, but the lights entering the window panes did not bother her. What aggravated her thought was that her husband had planned to elope with someone else; what happened next? Did they succeed? Was he already married man? What happened to Anita? Where is she now? Her mind was full of questions. Amidst this mental chaos she saw Raj waking up holding his head. ‘Hangover’ she thought.  Observing this not being the correct time for interrogation she went to kitchen to fetch something to fix his hangover and make him drill ready.  They both were seated on the dining area, he with his lemonade and she with a cup of tea. When his eyes fell on her he noticed she looked different. Not aware of the turmoil in her mind he inquired “you seem troubled, is everything ok?” Taken aback by this question she questioned? “Don’t you remember what happened yester night?”  He shook his head with an abstract look, not able to recollect any of last night’s conversation. Rolling her eyes with ire; she began her drilling

“Ok let me put straight away. Who is Anita?” this question made him frown and resting his head on his arm that laid on the table and murmured

 “Oh! Yes, how could I forget that Rascal Akash ruining the evening by bringing back that horrific event?” This triggered her anger; she cried “will you please explain?”He raised his head and spoke in a tired voice

 “O! Preeti not this…I never want to think of it, not even in my dreams.” She had made up her mind to get the past out today she firmly demanded,“I need to know Raj.”

With a sigh he “Yes you need to know!!” began to narrate the most heinous chapter of his life he always wanted to shun away from.

“Well, this was the most embarrassing decision of my life so far. Yes I and Anita were madly in love with each other, at least I thought so. It was my final year I was young and ready to conquer the world, she was beautiful and an attractive lady. We met in a shop, I had gone to get …” not remembering what he didn’t push his mind further, continued his narration “I exactly don’t remember what… she was on the other side of the counter with her mesmerizing smiles. Despite of the rush in her shop she was kind of extra soft and attentive to me and I liked the attention. Well, may be because I didn’t have many encounters with girls and their attention that too from a beautiful lady was quite an achievement then. And Alok, Akash and Pritam did the rest, adding fuel to the flame that had already ignited within me. Exchange of looks and smile very soon turned into meetings. I used to go to her shop every day, be it Sundays or off days I was there.

After five to six month of dating, one day she came to my college with bruised arms  looking sloppy. With tears she told me to stay away from her since her brother didn’t like her to be linked up with me. That’s when we promised to elope on the day of our final exams since we were head over heels in love with each other” With a sarcastic smirk on his own decision.“like those inseparable types.”

 Coming back to the plot he continued “Of course, thanks to the three musketeers who were ready with the slip away plan for us. Akash had arranged for a cab but on the last minute the car had some problem instead of Red van the driver borrowed his friends White car. The Speck of action was to be the back gate of the college. We were in the car waiting for her arrival. Akash took the front seat, me and Pritam at the back, Alok was supposed to get the tickets and wait for us in the station entry gate; everything was perfectly planned, except for the forth coming massive twist.”


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