The Last First Night: The Final Surprise Revealed.

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Part V

“The twist in fact, turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me.

Then she showed up, her face covered with a scarf hurriedly entered the car and the car pulled off. After few minutes’ drives, Anita removed her scarf the car was put to screeching halt. Everybody chafed with this sudden halt yelled at the driver but he was seated holding the steering firmly and his eyes fixed on the rear view mirror. His eyes filled with anger were staring at the image of none other than Anita that fell clearly on the mirror. And Anita seated there paralyzed at the sight of the driver. Everything happened in such haste, before we could guess anything the driver got out of his seat and opened the back door pulled her out and slapped her hard. I being her hero went to save her, not knowing the reason of him beating her up; instead got beaten up very badly by him. My friend tried saving me but when they heard the infuriated driver yell “You son of a bitch you are trying to run away with my Wife. I will kill you, you……” thunderstruck they froze what came next from his mouth went unheard. “What?? Wife??” we all had the same thought and without uttering a single word we darted from the spot saving ourselves.”

Preeti burst out with laughter and this embarrassed him. “I told you the most embarrassing decision of my life.” She saw her husband abashed, tried to curb her laughterbut failed badly in doing so

“sorry, I couldn’t stop myself, what happened next?” with the eager look she asked. “Yes after that without uttering a word knowing what to do next we all ran to the station to get Alok since driver knew our entire plan; what if he got hold of my friend and killed him. So we had to take him with us. Alok having no idea kept running along with us without questioning but with a confused look. We ran to our secret hideout, gasping for breath we all sat there when our eyes met again we laughed our heart out and Alok not getting anything shouted “Is somebody going to tell me what is going on? Where is Anita?” When he had explained the entire scene of the cab driver and Anita, he was rolling with laughter and cursed Akash for arranging the husband as a driver to help his own wife elope.

But that’s when I realized what would have happened if Akash had not booked this driver, I would have married a married woman” This very thought scared him “I went to Akash kissed him hard on his forehead and thanked him for saving my life.” Preeti sat there still laughing “Oh my God! This was such an epic episode. What about mom and dad do they know about this?” “Of course they do!” the embarrassment in his eyes was now enthusiastic. “All thanks to my neighbor who had witnessed my combat with the cab driver and she unfolded the entire scene with accurate dialogues and of course some added spice. On reaching home I was only ready with the reason for my bruise and torn shirt but not for the rapid-fire that was propelled towards me. The truth had to come out of me no option was left. My unsuccessful love story distraught them and I lost their trust. I could never convince them that I had learned my lesson no matter how hard I tried to.” “Did you find out about Anita, what happened to her? There must be a reason behind whatever she did?” Preeti expressing her concern for her husband’s ex-lover. “Yes, our Spy Mr. Pritam did investigate and managed to get some information on her. She was married to the cabman since one and a half year but soon her decision turned out to be a disaster.”Curious to know the more Preeti asked: “And what makes you think so?” “Now I realize that she was never in love with me, neither was I. I was caught by “the” extra attention of a beautiful lady and misunderstood it to be love. And she maybe was trying to escape her abusive marriage.” On hearing this Preeti chuckled, hearing her laugh raj defensively explained “Yes! Because even after this incident she was hooked with some other guy; I was a mere door to her freedom. She might have had planned to forsake once getting rid of her drunkard and an abusive husband. Anything could be the reason.”

 His demeanor made her laugh louder; soon her laughter was disrupted by the door bell.  Startled they both looked at each other wondering who it was. Shortly Preeti came back holding a packet with her name on it “there is a parcel for me without the senders name.” A sudden realization hit Raj and his eyes eagerly waited for it to be unwrapped. Her face lit up when she removed the packing of the box and not able to hold back her excitement she screeched and threw her arm around him. “You liked it? They were supposed to deliver it yesterday but they couldn’t due to some reason happy anniversary dear.” Finally her assumptions of his surprise did turn out to be true. She slid the 24 carat diamond on her slender finger.

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  1. I liked it. Interesting twist. The only complaint i hhave is that even though i know ethanol can also be associated with alcohol. It is also the active ingredient in antifreeze which is poisonous.

    1. Thank you so much..i really didn’t know about ethanol being some poison…i should edit it..thank you so much.

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