The Last First Night: Oh, what a day it was!!

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Part II

Oh my! What a day it was!

She turned towards him with a sigh, a sigh of appreciation and her eyes reflected it all as it was for the efforts he had made. How she had been receiving surprises one after another from her man. Her celebration commenced when she woke up to find a beautiful bouquet of roses next to her with a lovely note of Love. Followed by a movie date, some shopping and finally, the day ended with a long drive. All this for ‘The Day’ and the night was yet to come.” Soon the appreciation in her eyes was superseded by fret at the muse of what had happened next.

“Though the day was over, the celebration was not. Seated next to the steering her entire brain was engaged in guessing the next surprise Raj had mentioned this morning; as she could clearly see him not able to hide excitement in his eyes while talking about it and this is what thrilled her the most. She was blushing on her every guess, “It may be a candle light dinner somewhere in a beach with a gentle breeze moving around, just me and him or may be some expensive gifts. OH MY GOD!!! …what if it was a diamond ring or may be a DIAMOND set?”…She was there seated with all smiles, as it could be anything.  Scouting out through the corner of her eye she found him maneuvering the steering with a twinkle in his eyes and some suppressed smile (though failing badly in doing the same) “what could it really be?”, poor mind kept guessing. Tired of her guesses and rejections she thought “the surprise will be revealed soon so no point thinking so hard”. Soon she started speculating the plans after dinner. Looked at him with all romance in her eyes, this time he looked back with the same smile and the twinkling eyes gave winked at her. unable to decode his action and the plan running in his mind, her post dinner romancing plans faded away and her focus was once again “what could the SURPRISE be???”

She slowly slipped beside him into his blanket, her eyes still not willing to let go the sight of his face. This time neither his wheezes nor the foul smell bothered her. What troubled her was the most awaited surprise. The very thought of it made her go restless, she wanted to shout out loud but he was there with no ears to her. Once again her thoughts drove back to the night as she had never expected “This” to be the most anticipated surprise.

It was an exquisite looking open-air restaurant with a gentle breeze moving around adding a romantic aura to it. Holding hands they entered the dining space where she noticed a bunch of men in the corner area with all smiles stretched right from one ear to another and all eyes on them. Not able to recall a single smile from the lot, she moved towards the only empty table on the other opposite corner. She was put to halt with a sudden tug, turning back she saw her husband moving towards the other direction. One hand holding hers and the other waving at those men moved towards their table, least concerned how he had put her to halt. “Where are you going, our table is on the other side,” she asked a little embarrassed as she nearly tumbled down with his sharp pull. “I am going to our table dear and it’s this way.” This confused her more “What?? But there is not a single empty table there?” with a mystical smile he replied “who is looking for an empty table? Our table is right in front of you.”

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