My Insane Mind.

This insanity boiling within me

ready to spill any moment.

But shackled by the civilization

My heart knew nothing of their rules.

To survive here, I had to act sane

But to live, I needed my insanity.

The crazy me…the idiotic me,

At times, the irrational me.

This is what I call the true me.

I was sensing the  dying child in me

breathing its last breath,

trying to live up the expectations of

of the “refined” world around.

Happiness drifted away

 In the pretense to be the society

and took away the essence of my life….

The crazily batty me, I had always been.

The graying hair, the wrinkling face with the ripening age,

 Still, I have a yen for the child in me to revive.

to regain the insanity, I had lost,

Be the same fearless child, I once was…

Live the same insane life, I once lived.

Bring back the same insanity in me.

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