My Brain, my Ideas…why these tantrums?

Why does this happen all the time?

They just pop up at very queer hours and then, gone again the very next moment, does it do this on purpose? I seriously doubt. I mean I am in the kitchen and my hands are busy kneading, or while doing the dishes, they just appear out of nowhere. most of the time on the verge of my sleep, it comes knocking…yelling desperate to be poured down and when I rush to put them on papers… they are gone.


My brain, my ideas!!! Still, they never appear when I want them to. Have to plead and beg for hours yet they don’t come back. And they really know how to play things up! Seriously…the idea B they try to compensate with, never matches the first one.

Trust me they really have that attitude problem, and, they make sure they don’t miss out a moment in manifesting them.

Sometimes I happen to get that quiet corner, the perfect environment to get to writing; that too if my luck favors me. I get a beautiful plot for my short story. words come flowing to me like a river. And here comes the twist, I am not even halfway through when I hear a call “Mummaaaa we are home…” my munchkins are back from the school.  And with that, the flow of words and ideas stop. Suddenly a huge and strong dam is erected right across the running plot. I have to shut down my laptop, with no time to lament over my loss.

And the next time I sit with the same story, I am made to face the weirdest tantrums ever… the flowing ideas seem to stop the supply of words. Yes, Those exact words that would shape up my story! I am lost of words now. The flow gets interrupted at every curve it takes. And this doesn’t end here…

My brain can stretch things forever. The third day, it starts playing this game with me; it is in the mood of revenge “you interrupted me then, and now are going to pay for it for sure.” And it makes sure I do pay for it. It neither let go off the story not let me write it.  It holds on to the idea but at the loss of words, yes he continues this even for the third day…but now it tries giving me the worse.

Brain: “Hey do you think this is going to work?”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Brain:   “I mean, the plot doesn’t seem to be gripping enough.”

Me:    “Well, Ms. Brain wasn’t this your idea?”

Brain:    “I don’t think this is going to be The project I wanted it to be…I am sure many writers have tried this already.”

Me: “Really? Remember the day this idea came to you, You were like, ‘this is the best plan ever, best article ever…you will be known for this write-up…Mark my words.’ What happened now?”

well the argument was won by me that day, but I am dead sure, my brain is not going to be an easy one to deal with.

The brain being brain again: ‘I actually have another awesome idea!!!’

Me: ‘what about this one?’

Brain: ‘believe me this new idea is out of the world. This plot will definitely win you a producers and movies for sure…’

Me:  ‘Really? I think you had told me the same with the last plot.’

Brain:  ‘Forget about that….believe me, this one is awesome.’

Me:  ‘Well my darling erratic brain, I can show you the list of such unfinished works, which of course, were going to win me movies.”

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