What is time for you?

“Time is a teacher, but unfortunately it kills its pupil”  beautifully written on time but this line reminded me of few more proverbs outlining Time, ‘Time is money’, ‘Time heals all wounds’, ‘Time is precious and cannot be bought’ and many more. This makes it clear that people have their own view on time, as and how they experience it.

Time definitely is the best teacher as it brings Endurance, patience, maturity in every human life; transformation that every human goes through with the passing time, be it for their well or ill being.

If you are to take a stroll over the memory lane, which part would you like to relive all over again? Well, given a chance, most of us choose to go back to school or college’s days, same old friends and the gala time spent together.  Our thoughts and ideology were completely different then, filled with enthusiasm, ready to face whatever come may.

Our outlook of life now completely differs from what we thought of then. Our strategy to face the problems thrown to us by the world might not tally with our plans back then.

Why is it so? Same mind having different approach towards life and the situations we are put into.

I guess with passing time our perspective of life changes; in some cases it actually contradicts our own ideologies back then. We have developed patience in dealing with problems and have become thought full before indulging into any responsible deeds. It has definitely taught us Patience and endurance making us mature enough to face the world subtly.

Everything dies with time; it not only kills our physical being but even our dreams and aspirations, desires and our wishes.  It puts us in such situations where we fail to remember what our dreams were what we aspired and wished for.

Lucky are those who got the opportunity to perceive their dreams and run after what they actually aspired for. Though the road towards it was not paved smooth and black topped, they actually had to carve their way out to their dreams.

It is not that time is always harsh on us. It brings many opportunities but we fail to recognize them or may have over looked them. Few of us are forced into wherever they are now, and few are here by choice or may be our decision gone wrong by the passing time(late realisation.)

Whatever the reasons may be Time has a great role in shaping our life.  When you get the chance make the most out of it, as it says “If you kill time you’ll bury opportunity”.

We need to realize that life is one time offer it neither waits nor comes back so we better use it well.

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