I have the power.

I have the power…
The power to destroy, demolish and break you down

O yes, I do…

I can come from anywhere
all polished and shiny

I could be behind that smile so sweet
Hidden and waiting for the right moment to scoff out.

I have the power…

To crush those aspiring dreams,
with my sweetly defiled words uttered,
enough to leash those hopes.

Yes, I have the power

To grab your confidence by the collar
and drag it out of you, with my sweet talks.

O yes, I can make you feel so puny
and make you lose that belief you have had in yourself.

I have the power…

To make you feel so uncomfortable
in your own skin that you end up hating yourself.

Yes, my sugar-coated words that sound sweet to the ears,
can go deep within and uproot your self-esteem
chop off the wings of your dream leaving you with self-doubts and anxiety.

And still have the audacity to mock you with that fake friendly grin of mine.

I could be coming from anywhere all polished and shiny
Silently lurk into any mind and vent out through the tongue
Arrogance, ego, or sarcasm call me what you may…

Doesn’t matter… Because …

 I have the power to turn you from a fighter into a hopeless loser.

O yes, I do.

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