Being A Woman…

Is like……..

Weird, but an amazing journey!

What we get, is never what we expect!

But, always what we end up loving.

A daughter, a sister.

A friend, a girlfriend.

Wife, daughter-in-law.

Mother, and a grandmother.

But the question is

Where are we here?

Love, unconditional love is our identity.

We are looked upon

For caring and nurturing hands.

And we never fail them, either.

But again, where are we here?

It is time, time to make our Presence…

The Presence strong enough to let the world know our worth.

All we need is to give ourselves a bit of what we have been giving others…

A little love for ourselves….

A little nurture and care to all those forgotten dreams of ours.

Start sparing a bit of time for ourselves.

It is time to let the world know

Here we are!!

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