Adam Is Back…What place is this?

As my eyes opened to the darkness around me that left me thinking, what place is this? I scrunched them up to know the place better, but it was of no help.
I was then hit by a thought …have I gone blind?
Because it was so dark it didn’t matter whether my eyes were open nothing was visible, not even me!

Oh God!!! I have been kidnapped?

Surprisingly I was thrilled at the thought of it because I was never been kidnapped before. My mind slipped off for a few seconds creating a scene of my son, Andy getting Ransom call.

Coming back to reality, I was stuck to a dark pit and I could not remember how and since when.
No matter how hard I tried, nothing around me made gave me the slightest idea of what place it was?
But one thing I was sure of, this was not any of the usual places I visited. I was enigmatically placed there for.

But, Oh God! This feeling, very different and unusual… something I was not very familiar with. I have no word to elucidate what I was going through at that moment. I felt light as if the weight of my body was no longer there to fix me to the ground.

Holy cow! Am I floating??

My eyes almost popped out of its socket when I found the ground beneath my foot missing!!

Holy shit, I am!!

When I was hardly accustomed to my floating ability, I realized that all my external pain had vanished and they were now replaced by some exotic fear. And that fear kept me thinking….Am I Dead?
Is this how we feel when we are dead?
Well, I have never been dead before, so I seriously didn’t know how it felt.

On recalling my last memory I realized that I had an accident. But it wasn’t serious enough that could have taken my life. I just fell off my bicycle.
I remember my son yelling at me not to skip the bush of our garden. But this was not the first I was doing it, so I chose not to listen to him. Could that be the reason?

I don’t know, but here I am.

And the next spur of the moment I was forced to push away my thoughts as I felt that that the hollow space around me began to shrink, making it hard to breathe. I tried drifting higher to escape any suffocation, but I just could not. There seems to be some force holding me to that place.
Things became harder as both the ends gradually kept narrowing and I was left immovable. I was clamped between two huge invisible forces pushing towards each other. There was a strange pain passing through me; the pain was like never felt before. Nothing like the fleshy pain, it was felt deep in my core and that hurt really bad.

And that very moment, out of the blue came a flaming red ray of light penetrating the blackness from a tiny hole, which appeared from nowhere, almost blinding me. The entire space was now blazing red and orange, and the temperature began soaring unbearably high, making me crazy. But with the rising temperature, I felt those clamping force gradually receded and soon I was released from the grip.

Holy Shit! This is hell!!

Yes, this is burning hell for sure!!

I am in hell!!!

I wiggled helplessly trying to escape that place. But some distant murmurs brought my wiggling to halt.

“How did he come here?” said a voice.
Some inaudible whispers replied to it…

“His name is nowhere in the list, who brought him here?” asked the same voice again.
Some more unheard whispers followed.

“How could you do such a hideous mistake…were you drunk on work?”
“No, I….” rest was again unheard hush…

“Need to take care of this blunder of yours before it comes to our job…”

And everything went dead silent again. Before I realized I was out of there.

The place where I was now transported completely sublime, with no melting heat, no pain, no blazing flames, and no more darkness. This place was exceptionally quiet; the tapestry was very soothing and peaceful. The entire pain, agony, suffering and the fire was gone. I was now gliding on the clouds, and the soft harps playing there eased away my mind.

Is this what Heaven looks like?

It sure is….this peace, this tranquility, and the feeling!
This definitely has to be Heaven.

A sudden smile of victory crossed my face when the feeling hit me that I was not that bad as a person. After the entire struggle, hard work and of course some good deeds back on earth I definitely deserved this.

I was wandering around, with a triumphant grin, and my eyes looking for some clue where to head to next, a large gate standing tall just a few meters away made my heart jump with excitement.

The gateway to Heaven….

“Adam Fiddler?”

A soft and comforting voice calling out my name startled me. I looked around but no one was seen there.
The voice spoke again… “My child you don’t belong here either. You have to go back.”

O No!

No way, I am not going back to that burning darkness, ever waiting to roast me up.

But it was an order and before this could sink into my mind I was once again, without warning shifted into a wet and watery pouch.

(My weirdest journey is not over yet….the rest is here )

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